Douglas Post

Playwright, Lyricist & Composer

World Premiere Recording

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World Premiere Recording of The Kingdom Of Grimm
This winner of the first Cunningham Commission Award for Youth Theatre is an inspiring new musical for American children's theatre about the magic of storytelling. One winter's day, Hans, a farm boy who has lost his way in the woods, stumbles across a golden key. It unlocks an enchanted chest that holds the imprisoned Gerhardt the Great and his troupe of traveling players. To show their thanks, the players perform three tales for Hans: "The Golden Goose," "The Three Huntsmen" and "The Four Skillful Brothers." Their theatrical antics are underscored by a collection of songs that range in style from ballads to blues to rock. Finally, the players depart, leaving Hans with some valuable lessons about generosity, loyalty, and hard work.

This musical was originally commissioned by the Cunningham Endowment Fund of The Theatre School, DePaul University, and was originally produced by Chicago Playworks of The Theatre School, DePaul University on March 28, 2006

"A new musical from DePaul's Chicago Playworks enchants theatergoers."
    — Time Out Chicago

"An A+ for kids and an A for parents."
    — Chicago Parent

"There's nothing grim about 'Grimm' and the DePaul play's lessons are positively positive."
    — The Catholic New World

World Premiere Recording
Available through CD Baby
World Premiere Recording of The Wind and the Willows
Produced at over 250 theatres around the world, this musical tells the story of the friendship of the good-hearted Water Rat, the shy and curious Mole, and the sensible Badger. What tests that friendship are the antics of Mr. Toad, a wily and impulsive animal given to sudden crazes such as stealing motor cars and driving them recklessly around the countryside. Their task is to save Toad from himself and then rescue the magnificent Toad Hall from the devious weasels, ferrets and stoats.

This CD was recorded with the actors and musicians who took part in a production of the musical at City Lit Theater Company in Chicago, Illinois, on December 1, 2009.

"Douglas Post's music and lyrics will go a long way toward reconciling us to rodents…the music ranges from sweetly melodic to snappy…the title theme is lovely."
    — The New York Times

"One of the wisest and most delightful productions to grace a Chicago stage this season…Douglas Post has crafted a poetic, deeply intelligent, and hilariously funny script with lyrics to match. He has also composed a magical and eclectic score that runs the gamut from haunting English ballads and rippling reggae to tongue–in–cheek punk and lilting Latin congas."
    — Chicago Sun–Times

"A charming original score by Douglas Post whose songs warm the heart while neatly prodding the intellect…Post has written a dozen memorable and enigmatic songs, rich in simple melody and folk style while simultaneously diversified and hypnotic."
    — Chicago Tribune

"A song–dream for audiences of any age…Post is not afraid to blend overt, raffish comedy with quiet reflection, even a sense of spirituality."
    — Chicago Reader

"From the elegant title tune to the happy reunion number, this is clearly a score in search of a recording contract."
    — WEVD–AM

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